WDR Bigband - Personal Sounds

feat. Karolina Strassmayer & Ruud Breuls

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PERSONAL SOUNDS means music and story telling by the members of the WDR Big Band. In this third concert the WDR Big Band feat. Karolina Strassmayer & Ruud Breuls, who tell their own musical stories in a club atmosphere in the WDR Funkhaus in Cologne (June 2019). Ansgar Striepens is leading the WDR Big Band.


01. Over here [00:00]

02. Of Mystery And Beauty [07:37]

03. Fanfare From Another World [19:56]

04. Esperanca [28:21]

05. Mindless [37:46]

06. From Her Pale Blue Home [46:04]

07. Soul Miners [57:00]

08. One by One [01:09:04]

Quelle: WDR-Bigband

MR-Musikproduktion: Recording Producer

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