White Sparrow - Debi Wong & Solmund Nystabakk

Mr. Dowland´s Midnight

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White Sparrow is releasing its first recording, “Mister Dowland’s Midnight”, on SibA Records / Naxos. The Duo has been formed in 2011 as collaboration between Canadian mezzo-soprano, Debi Wong and Norweigan lutenist, Solmund Nystabakk. This Helsinki-based duo is dedicated to presenting unique programs that cultivate an interest in lute and vocal music from the Medieval period though the early Baroque. Track list:

Sunset: The revels begin
1) And is it night?
2) Come Again

Twilight: The hour for secrets and longings
3) Go, Crystal Tears
4) Oft have I sighed
5) Time, Cruel Time
6) Think'st thou then by thy feigning
7) A Dream

Nightfall: The world in shadow
8) Flow My Tears
9) Preludium - Author of Light
10) No Grave For Woe

Midnight: The very witching time of night
11) In Darkness Let Me Dwell
12) Mister Dowland's Midnight
13) Lullaby: Rest Sweet Nymphs 

Debi Wong, Voice
Solmund Nystabakk, Lute

Recording: February 18-20 2014, Bethesda Lutheran Church, New Haven, USA
Instrument: 10-course renaissance lute after Hans Frei Bruce Brook, East Sussex, 1998
Produced by: White Sparrow
Recording Engineer: Mateusz Zechowski
Editing, mixing and mastering: Martin Rust
Producer at SibaRecords: Joni Käenmäki
Cover photos: Debi Wong
Session photos: Mateusz Zechowski
Photo editing: Jessica MacAleese
Cover design & artwork (Midnight I, II & III): Jonas H. Sjøvaag / supremeconnection.no
© & ℗ SibaRecords 2017

MR-Musikproduktion: Editing, Mixing, Mastering

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